Customer industries

The lock industry

Sacotec Components Oy has collaborated with companies in the lock industry for a long time. For lock industry, investment casting is a very suitable manufacturing method.

Investment casting shows its finest qualities in production of lock components – thanks to our process, every part is exactly identical, no matter the run volume or how many years have passed. The assembly will always work perfectly. We provide high-quality solutions for the customer’s products.

We have been delivering cast and final-machined components of various types to lock manufacturers for several decades now. In the last 10 years, we have expanded our operations to custom packaging (specified by customer) and sub-assemblies.


The process industry

Ever since the establishment of the investment foundry, the process industry has been one of the cornerstones of our operations. Our production processes are highly flexible for the needs of the process industry, a sector that gave our foundry some of its first customers. Single pieces, low-volume runs, and high-volume production can all be delivered by the same company. We have decades of experience with a comprehensive offering that includes post-processing methods and inspections, performed by us and third parties.

When doing business with us, you can confidently let us manage the entire delivery chain.


The cutting-tool industry

Our partnership with the cutting-tool industry goes back to the late ’60s. In fact, the first customers of the investment foundry were from this particular branch of industry.

The special characteristics of the customers and products (e.g., industrially manufactured high-volume runs, uniformity of pieces in high-volume series, and the high quality of materials) impose great demands on the production method. In manufacturing of cutting-tool components, investment casting has remained one of the preferred production methods for decades.

Over the years, our delivery capacity, casting process, and product characteristics have maintained their high quality, which has enabled us to serve our customers successfully for many decades.


Other sectors of industry

In addition to the industries mentioned above, we produce single pieces, low-volume runs, and high-volume series for other sectors. When the production requirements include identical pieces throughout production, a large range of materials, various after-treatment methods, and/or inspections (performed either by us or by a third party), it is advisable to choose us. We act as a driver of a full delivery chain, and the pieces we deliver to the customer are as ordered and fully ready for installation.

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