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We invite you to do business with us. Investment castings might be the answer to your problems in various manufacturing processes. The use of castings can solve many problems in the manufacturing processes, enabling better components and products. Let us discuss your component needs in strictest confidence.

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Sacotec Components Oy

Sakonkatu 2,
11100 Riihimäki

+358 19 778 71

Jan Ekblom

Jan Ekblom

+358 40 5531 878
Head of sales

Heikki Zitting

Heikki Zitting

+358 19 778 7418

Sari Lähdesmäki-Kiuru

+358 19 778 7411

Antti Zitting

+358 19 778 7410
Chair of the board of directors

Sacotec Day – Sharpen your skills

Sacotec Day training is a training for engineers, designers and product developers. It gives you steel-hard basics about the possibilities of investment casting for product manufacturing.

This training will help you understand how you can speed up your product development process, enhance the manufacturability of your components and reduce costs.

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