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Life-cycle services

We provide our investment casting expertise in all stages of the product life cycle, from design to deliveries of spare parts.

In the most comprehensive form of service, all the customer needs to do is specify the key properties for the product. We hande the rest of the product cycle: our engineering office takes care of the design, and our production staff handle the manufacturing process, from the prototype all the way to spare-part deliveries.

Often the customer relationship emerges out of the need to change the manufacturing method of a part in production, with investment casting adopted because of either increased production volumes or the unsuitability of the manufacturing method currently in use.

The excellence of our service is rooted in an experienced engineering office, the options afforded by various ways of manufacturing the wax model, taking the production volume into account, and the special characteristics of investment casting.

Our decades-long customer relationships and hundreds of thousands of investment castings bear witness to these successes. It is our objective to be a reliable co-operation partner for our customers, so all product development projects are handled in the strictest of confidence. If outsourcing is needed, we use only partners who have proved reliable.


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Jan Ekblom

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