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Steel investment casting for designers

Sacotec Day – sharpen your skills is a training for designers, product developers and engineers.

As a designer, you probably can design and model anything.  Many times, manufacturing can cause bottlenecks for product development and production. Investment casting gives freedom of design and opportunities to designer’s work. You can manufacture products with fewer work steps, combine different manufacturing methods and materials in a way, that you probably cannot imagine.

Sacotec Day training gives you steel-hard basics about the possibilities of investment casting for designers and engineers.

Typically, product developers and designers face these challenges in manufacturability:

  • Manufacturing of complex components demands multiple manufacturing methods, which takes time and money
  • Manufacturing method can restrict you from selecting the optimal material for your product
  • Manufacturing process generates lot of scrap, which can either raise the price of the product or reduce its margin.
  • The selected manufacturing method does not enable agile product development

Investment casting can give you new kind of freedom

  • It enables you to manufacture more complex components than with other manufacturing methods
  • The same product can be flexibly manufactured from several different materials
  • Combining investment casting with other manufacturing methods can lower your products price
  • Material loss in investment casting material is lower than in other manufacturing methods
  • The use of 3D printing enables quick creation of prototypes and brings agility to product development

Sacotec Day gives designer and product developer basic tools for designing and manufacturing more competitive products.

  • Manufacturing process of investment casting
  • Tolerances
  • Benefits of investment casting
  • Materials, thermal processes and surface finishing processes that can be used
  • Design process and what to consider when asking a quote
  • Design of components for investment casting
  • Possibilities of 3D printing
  • The possibilities that investment casting can offer in your product development and manufacturing process

This training will help you understand how you can speed up your product development process, enhance the manufacturability of your components and reduce costs.

Sacotec Day agenda

Typically, the Sacotec Day training takes 3-4 hours. Training can be arranged either on customers premises or at Sacotec factory in Riihimäki.

If needed, the training can also be arranged as a webcast. Webcast can be beneficial if you have designers and engineers in multiple locations. The cost of the webcast is billed separately.

  1. Introduction
  2. Objectives and Agenda
  3. Why and when investment casting, special features of designin and manufacturing process
  4. 3D printing and manufacturing of wax models
  5. Customers own product from precision casting point of view / Case-examples
  6. Summary

Sacotec Day benefits your whole organization

For company management

  • Your company will gain more knowledge about designing, sourcing and manufacturability
  • Through investing in your designer’s competence you will gain competitive advantage
  • You can get a one stop shop partner for your components, since we can supply components ready for installation.
  • You will get new ideas for more cost-effective manufacturing processes

Benefits for Buyers

  • You will gain more knowledge for purchasing and get new tools to your buyer’s toolbox.
  • You can get a one stop shop partner for your components, since we can supply components ready for installation.
  • You will get new ideas for more cost-effective manufacturing processes

For Human Resources

  • Through investing in your designer’s competence you will keep your good designers at your service

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Sacotec is the largest investment casting foundry in Finland. Sacotec has 60 years of experience in investment steel casting. You will gain knowledge that will help them all the way from an idea to the installation of the product.

We place our expertise in casting at your disposal for every part of the product life cycle – from concept to spare-part deliveries. Our highly professional personnel, flexible model of operating, and the proven modern technologies we employ guarantee tha we can provide a cost-efficient solutions for various stages of your product life cycle. Thus we can provide our customers with a competitive advantage.

Our long-term customer relationships with customers who have demanding product development and design requirements proves that we can produce high-quality casting solutions at shorter delivery times and at a cost-competitive price.

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